Quality & Continuous Integration

Mature strategy for maximum software quality.

The quality requirements for software in the automotive sector have always been high - particularly with regard to the safety-critical core areas of the vehicle such as engine or airbag control, or with regard to customer-relevant software such as in instrument clusters, designed to alert the driver immediately and with absolute reliability. But now the software quality has become a crucial competitive factor, as the growing in-vehicle networking and the associated continuous development of the assistance systems for highly or fully automated driving are further heightening the quality requirements of the software.


MAGNATelemotive process for maximum software quality.

Our own development concept ensures that the developed software meets the highest quality standards.

  • The development process is geared toward the Automotive Scrum framework we developed, which combines the advantages of agile software development with the requirements of common automotive standards and ensures, for example, the complete traceability between requirement, code and testing.

  • We preferably use Git/Gerrit combined with Jenkins as version management system. This allows us to incorporate the two-person integrity into the system, and furthermore, every change of code can be reviewed according to the MISRA programming standard and the programming guidelines applicable to the project.

  • In addition, we conduct regression testing, ranging from unit testing to integration testing and acceptance testing

Continuous Integration: Hand in hand with Scrum.

The iterative approach of Scrum - that is, the incremental process of approximating the overall goal - is a perfect match for the principle of Continuous Integration.

Considering that, we are using "Jenkins" as a tool mainly for the following:

  • Building of all software components of a project with the relevant compilers

  • Integration of the software components on the target platform

  • Conduct of regression testing

  • Establishment of code metrics

  • Automated flashing of controllers and conduct of system tests based upon the flashing

  • Delivery of the software to the customer

Our tool chain:

MAGNA Telemotive solutions: Straight-forward connection to the tools of the customer

Our workflow and our tool chain can be integrated seamlessly into the common systems at the customer's site. This compatibility is the result of our long-term collaboration with our customers.


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