Networked mobility

Sophisticated mobility infrastructure.

Traffic management of the future.

The car of the future not only communicates with other cars (Car2Car and Shared Sensoring), but with its complete environment (Car2Infrastructure) and with all possible environment factors (Car2X). In the future, cars will alert one another about obstacles, analyze the behavior of other traffic participants, communicate with road signs and traffic lights, exchange information with mobile communication devices and much more - digitization has virtually no limits.

The desire for greater networking and better vehicle communication is spreading in the automotive world at break-neck speed. Small wonder - after all, its benefits for road traffic are sizable: faster flow and less congestion, lower emissions and greater safety. In addition, networking is a prerequisite for autonomous driving. In essence, the idea is that the vehicle should record and process an ever growing quantity of information about its environment and respond to it in the best possible way, which presents an immense challenge for everyone involved. A well-thought-out interaction between automobile manufacturers and mobile communications and network providers, and the realization of manufacturer- and country-dependent solutions as well as binding standards to cope with all the dependencies will be critical factors for success. Not an easy task!

At MAGNA Telemotive, we have an impressive track record not only as a technological think tank for concepts of the future, but as consultants when it comes to the implementation at the individual company, as test facility and as mediator between the various parties involved, at the interfaces of whom we are acting. This is our core competency, established through our connections with renowned associations and many years of experience with trendsetting technologies.

MAGNA Telemotive: Driving force for the car of the future.

We have always been focusing on the electronics for the car of tomorrow. This has helped us gain many years of experience in all related disciplines, such as driver assistance, infotainment systems, communication between controllers or the recording of test data. Therefore, we are the perfect partner for the realization of a state-of-the art mobility infrastructure, supplying software solutions and services such as prototypes, data analysis, backend and cloud solutions. It is very natural for us to be at the forefront in the pre-development of new standards.

And there is much more: We are deeply involved in establishing new standards - for example, we are a member of the 5G Lab Germany, an interdisciplinary team at the University of Technology (TU) of Dresden, which is dedicated to the new generation of mobile communications systems, and are intimately familiar with 802.11p. We are at the same time a center of excellence, know-how and research and an impulse generator. For this reason, our advice withstands the test of time and reflects the latest trends and standards; for both OEMs as well as tier 1 companies. The offering is supplemented with in-house automotive data loggers designed for the modern interfaces.

We support you with:

  • Reliable security solutions

  • Monitoring and visualizations

  • Big data analysis

  • Live evaluations

  • Statistical methods