Graphic development & design

Optimal design of user interfaces.


These days, so-called graphic user interfaces are not only omnipresent in the entertainment industry, but increasingly also in modern vehicles. This trend is observed especially in connection with instrument clusters. Where analog pointer instruments were used in the past for the visualization of vehicle-related data, they are now being replaced with indicators in two- and three-dimensional worlds.


Stylized speedometer with background

The perfect interaction.

The goal of interface development is to develop sophisticated user interfaces aimed at optimizing the interaction between driver and vehicle, making it more effective for the driver to control the vehicle, and simplifying operational decisions by enabling him or her to respond to the feedback of the vehicle in the best possible manner.

The focus of the activity is to observe and evaluate the interface user's behavior and to optimize the display and operating concept on the basis of this information. In so doing, many aspects need to be taken into account; in addition, in-depth knowledge of the user behavior - the user experience - is required.

The user experience describes all expectations, perceptions and reactions associated with the use of the user interface.

MAGNA Telemotive assists with the development of such user interfaces, from the conception to series production. In earlier project phases, we produce different visualizations for customers, allowing them to experience these in virtual realities.


High-polish user interfaces.

In earlier phases of user interface development, we work with static paper or digital image variants. They are perfectly illuminated, rendered and post-processed and used as basis for the realization of a user interface. These designs are drafted with high-performance computers - after all, the requirements for the target hardware are steadily increasing. Experience with the series production of graphics is indispensable. MAGNA Telemotive is the perfect partner for this: Whether it concerns simple two-dimensional flat designs or three-dimensional worlds - we develop complex, interactive graphics to provide the end user with the desired design as a perfect high-gloss image.

Graphics in the car improve both safety and comfort. 

Effects on the user.

Highly automated and autonomous driving are the key topics in the development of future automobiles. They have a direct impact on the display and operating concept. Interesting questions include: What is the role of the driver and/or passenger in the context of such a vehicle? And what activities will he or she still be performing in the future? MAGNA Telemotive is working specifically on these topics, in order to develop possible solutions for future display and operating concepts today.


MAGNA Telemotive: Everything under a single roof.

Myriad different skills are needed in all developmental stages for the development of user interfaces. MAGNA Telemotive has pooled them all under one roof! In addition, we assist you with the evaluation of operating concepts, also facilitating the early experience of the interaction in virtual realities.

The focus is on the development of 2D to complex 3D graphics engines. It includes the memory layout and performance optimization for graphics display controllers, 3D real-time designs, software development, tool development as well as imagery creation at the customer site. Outsourcing your own projects to us generates a high degree of convenience for you.