Electric mobility

Into the future with effective software development.

For years, virtually no other sector of automotive development has enjoyed the same level of attention in the public as electric mobility. Small wonder - after all, ultra-innovative concepts and solutions are altering the entire infrastructure. The electric vehicle is highly networked - with charging stations, backend servers for charging, Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS), smart homes and not least, the customer. Thus, the electric vehicle has become part of an information network and hence a comfortable everyday companion.

This close interaction of the various systems and the data networking are particularly challenging for software development. For this purpose, all components must be enabled to communicate with one another, for example, to exchange payment information between charging station operators and the vehicle, to optimize the charging process based on criteria including time, costs or ecology, or to integrate the electric vehicle into a home energy management system.



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Reference projects.

We assist you with all projects related to electric mobility, starting from working models to measurements and prototyping.


Development of a charger.

Software development using AUTOSAR:

  • A-sample development

  • Software development and security
  • Technology consulting

  • Functional software security (specification, execution)


  • AUTOSAR v4.0.3 (Elektrobit stack)

  • Freescale MPC

  • CAN (FA, LE)

  • XCP over CAN (Measurements, Simulation)

  • Test set-up (INCA, Oszilloskop, Datenlogger blue PiraT2)


Development of a prototyping framework for smart charging functions.

Development services for electric mobility:

  • Software development of a micro-service architecture of smart charging functions

  • Creation of virtual charging stations for the backend/charging point communication via OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol)

  • Programming of use cases related to the load management of charging stations

  • Creation of a CPO (Charge Point Operator) frontend for the visualization of different charging points


  • Micro-services, REST, WSDL

  • Java, Javascript, AngularJS, NodeJS

  • Continuous Delivery (Java Application Server, Git/Gerrit, Jenkins, Maven)

  • Microsoft Azure, Docker, NetBeans


Pre-development of smart charging functions.

  • Smart incorporation of an electric vehicle into a smart home environment

  • Solar-optimized charging of the electric vehicle to increase the proportion of renewable energy for every charging process

  • Tariff-optimized charging of the electric vehicle to reduce the electricity costs for every charging process

  • The own consumption in the household, the weather forecast and tariff information serve as basis for the charging schedule

  • Development of two demonstrator assemblies incl. backend connection and additional backend functions for trade fairs; among them CES Las Vegas/USA