App development

Using digital services on mobile terminals.


At the cutting edge of technology.

The number of services available online is growing at a steady pace. As online access is increasingly happening from mobile devices, digital services are migrating to mobile terminals in the form of apps. Particularly in the networked system of automobility, mobile services on consumer devices are improving the individual mobility experience, thereby tying the end client to the service ecosystem of the automobile manufacturers.

However, for apps to be used with pleasure, they need to be of high quality.

When it comes to online services, MAGNA Telemotive has many years of experience with automobile manufacturers. The service offering ranges from usability engineering and design to the implementation and evaluation of user interfaces and the development of apps for various platforms, using state-of-the art technologies.

Project references.


In-house development of an Android app:

  • Objective: Time and quality optimization in connection with the error registration of test drives

  • Error recording using audio, video, photography, GSP

  • Voice2Text - for the error description (dictation function)

  • Error export via JIRA
  • Technologies:

    • Android Java


    • Android Studio

App for the selection and configuration of charging plans for an electric vehicle.


  • Selection of parameters and strategies for charging an electric vehicle

  • Display of charging plans

  • Starting/stopping the charging process



  • Android Java

  • REST