Download Terminal

Automatic download of test data.

Collect, sort and distribute data.

Record all the required data during the test drive using the proven blue PiraT data loggers. Download Terminal reads out this data for you and structures it according to your specifications. Download Terminal then sends the data sets automatically via the intranet to your servers and synchronizes it.

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Key features:

  • Innovative system for mobile data acquisition
  • Ideal addition for all blue PiraT data loggers - in particular for globally operated testing fleets and test hourses with particularly large data amounts
  • Now integrated into System Client - no additional hardware required
  • Automatic download of all recorded data (e.g. MOST, CAN, LIN, FlexRay)
  • Allocates the data according to your individual preferences (groups/projects)
  • Automatic transfer of the trace records to your company servers via intranet possible
  • Sending bug reports, performs software and firmware updates - everything runs automatically


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