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Telemotive Intelligent Charging

Smart charging of electric and hybrid vehicles according to ISO 15118.

Telemotive Intelligent Charging (TIC) contains our custom-designed and ISO 15118 -compliant PLC stack. It allows error-free communication between charging station and the individual vehicle variants via the charging cable. Furthermore, Telemotive Intelligent Charging is compliant with MISRA and AUTOSAR. Thanks to the independent and modular design of the AUTOSAR components, our stack can be integrated in every control unit in the vehicle. Our proven testing strategies guarantee top-notch quality.

Smart Charging / Power Line Communication:

Power Line Communication means more than just a power supply from the charging station to the vehicle. The charging cable also transmits data, thus making communication between vehicles and charging stations possible. With Telemotive Intelligent Charging we provide a software solution for Power Line Communication (also known as Smart Charging or High Level Communication). With this product we follow the specifications of the ISO 15118 and the DIN SPEC 70121 norms.

Use cases:

  • Optimized charging with respect to time, cost and sustainable energy resources. This ensures maximum battery capacity at a certain departure time, also fluctuation of energy prices can be considered.
  • New options for payment, such as encrypted exchange of payment details with public charging stations or – for charging at home – convenient payment together with house electricity.
  • Dynamic re-negotiation of charging plans when environmental or user conditions change.

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Whitepaper and webinar about AUTOSAR and Smart Charging

Do you want to learn more about AUTOSAR and Smart Charging? Then download and read the whitepaper of MAGNA Telemotive and Mentor, A Siemens Business or watch our webinar:

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