The all-in-one data logger solution.

High-performance multi-bus data logger for modern vehicle architectures based on Automotive Ethernet. With up to 3 TB internal memory and supreme recording performance. Robust and compact for in-vehicle use.


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Automotive Ethernet

Due to the increasing complexity of driver assistance systems and the growing number of infotainment applications, the data traffic between ECUs in the most recent vehicle models has grown significantly. Consequently, besides the various classic bus systems, modern vehicle architectures are based on Automotive Ethernet according to BroadR-Reach / IEEE 802.3 100(0)Base-T1, which can keep up with the growing bandwidth demand.

High performance - all-in-one

Up to this point, high amounts of data loggers have been necessary for the logging of internal vehicle communication data. The high performance BLUEPIRAT Rapid multi-bus data logger for vehicle development and testing solves this problem. The Rapid enables analysis of vehicle architectures based on Automotive Ethernet thanks to the recording of all data traffic in real time with a uniform, synchronous time base. In addition, it also allows storing of specific datasets by means of manually or automatically configured triggers and filters.

With just a single device, data traffic can be recorded of up to 10 Automotive Ethernet links, conventional bus architectures, standard Ethernet, USB and serial interfaces as well as digital and analog inputs. With up to 3 TB internal memory and high logging performance, the BLUEPIRAT Rapid data logger can easily manage the large data quantities typical for Automotive Ethernet. The easily accessible front ports allow connection of optional accessories such as network cameras, GPS and cellular modules, and additional recording on external USB mass storage devices.

Robust and reliable

BLUEPIRAT Rapid data loggers fulfill the increased requirements in terms of temperature range and resistance to shock and vibrations for use in the car when driving. The compact all-metal enclosure with no fan or rotating data storage device, as well as the lack of protruding parts, make the BLUEPIRAT Rapid maintenance-free and extremely robust in daily operation.


  • Functional testing: ECU tests, function validation, endurance tests, field tests, quality control
  • Connectivity/integration assessment in the context of architecture validation
  • Key aspects:
    Validation of vehicles/production series, testing of infotainment, driver assistance systems and powertrain in continuous operation for vehicle development and testing


  • Maximizing efficiency: Only a single device is required for parallel recording of 100/1000Base-T1, CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay etc.
  • Precise analog measurements with no additional devices
  • Large data quantities can be stored and long test drives are possible thanks to the memory capacity of up to 3 TB
  • Fast data download
  • Low space requirements due to the compact design
  • Robust and maintenance-free: All-metal enclosure with no fan or rotating hard drives
  • Minimal vehicle board load due to low operating and standby power consumption

Flexible and expandable: software functions, accessories and licences

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