...for your BLUEPIRAT data loggers.

Complete your BLUEPIRAT data loggers with our practical accessories for your applications.

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Remote Control Touch.

For BLUEPIRAT data loggers.

The remote control for your BLUEPIRAT data loggers combines an intuitive user interface with automotive data logging.


Key features:

  • Intuitive operation
  • Audio recording and playback
  • Setting/display of triggers
  • Dimmable display
  • Display of status information on the recorded buses (e.g. bus load)
  • Ideal for decentral logging: Everything is at hand with the remote control, the connected loggers can be placed anywhere in the vehicle
  • Easy integration into the logger network via System Link
  • Professional mounting bracket for safe installation in the car available

Mounting bracket...

...for the BLUEPIRAT Mini.

Always securely mounted: we offer a mounting bracket in matching color for the BLUEPIRAT Mini. The base plate of the bracket is installed in the car using screws or cable ties. The mini logger itself is held in place by the cover, which is secured using knurled screws.

...for the BLUEPIRAT 2.

Always securely mounted: we offer a matching mounting kit for the BLUEPIRAT 2. The kit consists of two brackets that are attached to the sides of the housing.

Cable sets and connectors

For every BLUEPIRAT data logger we offer the matching cable set. They make connection to all available interfaces possible.

Choose from:

  • Automotive Ethernet
  • CAN
  • MOST
  • LIN
  • FlexRay
  • Seriell
  • Analog-In
  • Digital-I/O
  • Power

WiFi add-on with license.

Do you want wireless access to important functions? No problem: our WiFi option includes a WiFi module, a firmware add-on for the BLUEPIRAT data loggeres, and a configuration add-on in the client.

The following functions are available via WiFi:

  • Configuration
  • Data download
  • Firmware update
  • Display of signals via Live View