Vehicle diagnostics

Communicating with the car.


Behind the scenes but vital: vehicle diagnostics are neither visible nor a selling point in the finished car. Nevertheless, they play an important role in finding and fixing faults quickly and accurately in systems that are becoming increasingly complex. As a matter of fact, some minimum requirements for self-diagnostic capability are a prerequisite for licensing. We have expert knowledge and many years of experience.


Off-board diagnostics.

This means communication between the tester and car.

The application areas are as follows:

  • Finding and fixing faults, particularly during development
  • Querying features, for example when loading new software
  • Querying measurement data for the evaluation
  • Recording requirements, for example when disposing of cars



On-board diagnostics.

On-board diagnostics, also called self-diagnostics, means for us defining diagnostic functions that are built directly into the car. They serve the following purposes:

  • Detecting defects in the car with the objective of enabling fast repair and eliminating faulty functions
  • Satisfying legal requirements, in particular OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) and EOBD (European On-Board Diagnostics), especially ISO-14229, ISO-15031, and ISO-22901.

MAGNA Telemotive as diagnostic partner.


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