Electric mobility

Core competency from the beginning.


Few areas in automotive development are attracting as much public attention right now as electric mobility. Its highly innovative concepts and solutions are changing the entire automotive landscape.

Some manufacturers have already cleared the first big hurdle in the development of electric cars: developing components like batteries, motor control systems, or chargers ready for series production, and of course combining these components into a new and efficient system.



The next big challenge is to bring this system into perfect symbiosis with the surrounding world in a production-ready form. The close correlation between the electric car and charging stations, backend servers for charging, home energy management systems (HEMS), smart homes, and of course the customer makes the electric car part of an energy-efficient network, and therefore a comfortable partner for everyday use.

Smart Charging / Power Line Communication 

Intelligent Charging for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Power Line Communication means more than just a power supply from the charging column to the vehicle. The charging cable also transmits data, thus making communication between vehicles and charging columns possible.

With our Intelligent Charging Package, we provide a software solution for Power Line Communication (also known as Smart Charging or High Level Communication). With this product, we follow the specifications of the ISO 15118 and the DIN SPEC 70121 norms.

Advantages of Smart Charging:

  • Optimized charging with respect to time, cost and sustainable energy resources. This ensures maximum battery capacity at a certain departure time, also fluctuation of energy prices can be considered.
  • New options for payment, such as encrypted exchange of payment details with public charging columns or – for charging at home – convenient payment together with house electricity.
  • Dynamic re-negotiation of charging plans when environmental or user conditions change.


Our expertise:

  • Component development
  • Charging concepts
  • Car concepts
  • Energy consumption and supply concepts
  • Communication and connection

As a specialist for connection and communication within and outside the car, we are partners in the development of connected electric mobility.

Our long-term experiences with charging units, Power Line Communication, charging columns, control units, and backend solutions together with our deep automotive competence make us just the right partner for your project. With our agile development methods we flexibly integrate various OEM-specific requirements.

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