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Driver assistance is one of the key topics of the future in the automotive world. Whether lane departure warning systems over fatigue warning systems through to parking assistance systems - more and more functions designed to increase safety and convenience are available to the driver in the cockpit. In part these systems warn the driver in a critical situation. In part they intervene directly in the car control system. In the future there will be increasing merging of the systems, making development even more challenging and complex. All of this is building towards fully autonomous driving. Our longstanding partnerships with leading car manufacturers mean we have unique competency in this area.


Main systems:

  • Image display systems, for instance a rear view camera that records the area behind the car and transfers the image to a display
  • Non-display systems, for instance cameras as data collectors that detect road signs, pedestrians, or other objects – and link up with services like the lane warning system, brake assistant, or information display via the control unit
  • Standalone systems, for instance a fully automatic parking assistant based on different components


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