Bus systems

Error-free communication between control units.

Buses are used for data transfer between control units. Communication is often reciprocal, sometimes only one-way. Now more than ever, bus systems are becoming increasingly important: communication both within the car and with the outside world is steadily increasing, and thus interconnection is, too. Where today a parking assistant indicates an obstacle, tomorrow another car could signal "stop". Bus systems have been our core competency ever since the company was established, and we have built up a wealth of experience in this area with major OEMs and suppliers.

Main buses:

  • CAN bus: Electric two-wire line, developed in the 90s
  • MOST bus: Ring system from one device to the next, developed in the late 90s
  • LIN bus: Electric single-wire line, relatively inexpensive, for less safety-relevant functions
  • FlexRay bus: Enhancement of the CAN bus, two-wire line
  • Ethernet: Widely used protocol, for large amounts of data


MAGNA Telemotive as integration partner.

We integrate control units into the bus systems provided and make sure that communication between them goes smoothly - even with complex components. We also deliver highly professional recording solutions, such as our BLUEPIRAT data loggers. We evaluate and analyze the data. We offer our services either as a service package or on-site with our customers. 

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