Our brand core

Complete and useful networking


Passionate innovation

Overheated computers, crumpled-up sketches, intensely written white boards, ideas in the shower. Passion reveals itself in manifold ways. For us at MAGNA Telemotive, it is our burning desire to work on the most intelligent solutions for tomorrow - together with our customers and for them.


Focused integration

It is always fascinating to watch what happens when several talents put their heads together. For us, integration means not just combining innovative products with first-class services, but also using competences exactly where they are needed. Teamwork is is a key factor for us, in-house and in collaboration with our customers and partners.

Clarity and dynamics

A good idea is only the start. Quick and efficient implementation is just as important. We know our strenghts and know how they help us to reach our goals. We master the increasingly complex world of vehicle technology and our smart solutions make handling it easier and easier. How we do it? Short ways, high flexibility and a clear view - on today and on what will be tomorrow.